Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday Evening Ride

A beautiful evening for a ride! I posted a ride for 5:30 pm for the Bluff Road/Meckling loop (28.5 miles). We had a total of 6 show up for the ride; some of the usuals like Biking Brady, Craig T., myself, as well as John who I haven't ridden with since the summer before last (welcome back to biking!), and two students. I hope the students didn't mind riding with us old people! I wish all of our students rode bike, I love getting to know them outside of school and a bike ride is conducive to great conversation!

All in all, a great ride! Only a couple of small glitches, dogs on the Bluff Road chasing us, but no close calls, mainly because a minivan was behind us which helped to block the dogs. And Biking Brady had a problem with his bike - he was stuck in his big chain ring - I chose not to ride in my big chain ring climbing the hill into Vermillion in sympathy for Kevin!

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bikingbrady said...

I was practicing for my upcoming single speed ride :-)