Friday, November 6, 2009

Wakonda 125th Celebration Bike Ride

Officially called the Sonny Clare Bike Ride, in memory of a great community member. Sonny was a kind and gentle man who was a great supporter of school sports. But most of all, he was an inspiration to all of us as he rode his bike into his 80's.

Today a planning meeting was held with LaneHogs in attendance to help plan this bike ride that will be held on Friday, July 2nd in Wakonda. Of course, Mr. Biking Brady, an alumni of Wakonda, was there - with some great ideas! This is going to be a very fun event with a 42 mile ride, 16 mile ride, and a children's bike carnival, followed by lots of other activities in town that day. So mark your calendars and stay for the entire day - you haven't experienced life until you attend a Wakonda street dance - you can even camp in my yard!


bikingbrady said...

You could camp about 2000 people in your "backyard"!

Cathy Jo said...

Hey, I could open a campground in that extra 5 acres out back! Free camping for all bikers!

Anonymous said...

Ya know, if I took Thursday off, loaded up the trailer I could get there in about 6 hours. Camp overnight, do the ride, and then ride home.
It's doable.