Thursday, June 5, 2008

I'm So Happy!!!

The ShuttleGuy called me back tonight, finally, after I left several phone messages, bordering on harassment. But all is forgiven now that I have my deluxe camping services secured for Saturday and Sunday night on Tour deKota. This is the only way to camp! Once you camp with the ShuttleGuy and the "inner circle" you'll never go back!
My hubby is staying with me Saturday night so he gets to experience a taste of TDK.
I can hardly wait!!! I need to start packing.
So only 2 days of TDK and then back home to get ready for the WEDDING!


Ham(m)er said...

I just saw your mileage for the year. Nice job. :D

SD_pedalpower said...

See ya there. Pray for no rain :)