Sunday, June 1, 2008

Old Iron & New Carbon

My husband is into old iron, as in tractors, and I'm into new carbon, as in bikes. Today the hubby enjoyed participating in a tractor ride and parade - a chance for him to enjoy the beautiful weather and talk tractors with fellow tractor enthusiasts. I went for a quick 10 mile bike ride after church and then met the hubby in Irene for the tractor parade and picnic in the park. After getting him back to the starting point so he could load up his tractor, I took off to Viborg to ride with the Biking Vikings. We started at 5:00pm and did a 32 mile loop north and east. It was perfect weather, almost too perfect. I kept thinking each time we turned we would run into some wind - but there wasn't any to speak of. Mark this day on the calendar!


Tez said...

I heard about this. My Godfather (Luther Nielson) is a member of the Old Iron club. He has an old International not sure what series it is might be an H. Very cool that people take time to restore these old workhorses!

Cathy Jo said...

Small world again - my husband thinks Luther's grandson drove his tractor on this ride....a very nice Farmall H, same as my husband's tractor.

Tez said...

Yes Miles drove the tractor for him as they came to the candle dedication! Small world is right...CRAZY! They are GREAT people! Good luck with TDK!