Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Miles to date for 2009

I feel like I haven't been out riding as much as I should be for this time of year but then I compared my mileage to last year at this time.

Total miles for 2009 = 174
  • Bike Friday (the Power Raspberry!) New World Tourist = 190 miles
  • Giant OCR 1 = 84 miles

Total miles for 2008 at of the end of April = 81

So I'm ahead of last year's mileage but I'm still antsy to get out and get some miles in. I'm trying to ride more hills by taking more trips from Wakonda to Irene via the County Line Road in hopes of preparing myself for Tour deKota in June. I rode 30 miles on Monday night taking the hilly route and for me, keeping it at a 14.7 mph average wasn't bad. Two hours in the saddle without a break is enough for me.

Now due to other obligations my next chance for a ride won't be until Sunday. I wonder if the weather will cooperate? I would love to get in a longer ride. So far my longest ride has been 32 miles.

And I'm trying to work on some riding skills - making myself get out of the saddle on the hills and not braking going down hill (yep, I'm a Timmy!).

I want to ride! I have my Bike Friday in the trunk of my car along with my cycling gear.......just in case I can squeeze in a ride anytime, I'll be ready!


Hooterville Mayor said...

I found out on last Saturdays ride that I definately need to do some riding in the hills around here too. (I refuse to call it training, I KNOW how to do it, I just don't like to!)
That's the downside to riding a bent, you can't stand on the pedals for extra power. :(
(but stay out of my way on the downhill side!)

Tez said...

GOOD JOB! You are ahead of last year and that is good!

I HATE hills but love going down the other side!

See you Saturday evening.

bikingbrady said...

I'm a pretty fart smeller and I think that 190 + 84 equals 274 not 174. (and the power raspberry) rock!

Cathy Jo said...

Math was never one of my strengths!

sue said...