Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tour de Kota 2009

I volunteered to help with TDK by talking with some of the local cyclists who live in the pass through towns on the TDK route for the first day in hopes of getting these communities excited about TDK coming through, as well as, to talk with these communities about what cyclists' needs and wants are. Mainly what I did was talk with a few people and put together some contacts and Maggie from the Argus did the rest.

It has been encouraging to see how excited these communities are to have TDK coming through. The Beresford group especially is enthusiastic about TDK and I'm so impressed with their plans; from a pancake breakfast (as well as many other breakfast options) to entertainment, bike parking, and my personal favorite - espressos, lattes, etc., will be brewed up fresh for the riders! All of this will be served in their new fire station (which is huge!).

The next stop will be Hub City, home of Dalesburg Lutheran Church and their cycling pastor who will have a blessing of the bikes and a drop in outdoor church service. And of course, you know those church ladies will make sure no one leaves hungry. Look for some of the parishioners to be in their traditional Swedish dress to promote their MidSummer Festival.

Volin will be ready with sandwiches, macaroni salad, snacks, granola, and pies, pies, pies!

Mission Hill will have the same 4-H club (the Mission Hill Hillers) that has been part of TDK four out of five years. They will be out to once again greet the riders and offer water refills and free cookies and bars. How very generous of them, the leader says the kids were disappointed when they were NOT able to do this last year when the TDK route went north from Sioux Falls.

I'm proud to live in this little corner of the state and can hardly wait for TDK 2009!

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