Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday Ride Recap

Beautiful day for a ride! Left home about 7:40am and took my time, stopped to visit with a new acquaintance who was out for a walk, etc. I met up with Ride Vermillion on highway 19 about 14 miles into my ride. I was a little disappointed thinking we had a small turn out of LaneHogs for the ride but I was glad to hear that Biking Brady was just getting a later start and would catch up with us. And then out of my mirror I see a biker approaching, just assuming it was Biking Brady, but no it was Ed joining us. Yeah, I knew we would have 4 of us once Biking Brady caught up! And then a few miles up the road we are joined by Chad from Alcester, awesome, we're now up to 5 riders.

Just as we pulled into Centerville for our apple fritter stop at the local bakery Biking Brady closed in on us, now our group was complete!

Just 8 miles and we were in Viborg, I normally don't stop until I get to Irene, but today I NEEDED to stop as were riding into the wind. Not a really strong wind, but around 13-15mph. Which slows me down considerably.

We pushed 5 more miles into the wind before turning south to go to Irene. Again, I was happy to stop and take a rest before we climbed the hills south of Irene. And we met up with the Centerville riders stopped for refueling so it was fun to have some bike talk with their group of 3 riders (see picture). This group is also riding RAGBRAI, who knows if I'll ever see them though with the thousands of riders!

On to the hills, where I'm really slow. But this was home territory for me and I didn't want to slow the group down even more so I told them to go ahead and order a cheeseburger for me when they got to Volin and I would see them there. But being the nice guys they are, they wouldn't abandon me.

After a real meal in Volin we enjoyed some sweet tailwinds and beautiful scenery of the Bluff Road together before I split off and headed up Turkey Hill and made my way back to Wakonda. It seems to be uphill all the way! And it actually is mostly uphill. I just poked along and ended the ride with 71 miles. I was shooting for 75 miles today but was ready to get off the bike!

It was a great time and everyone was very patient with me being so slow. Thanks guys!

PS - By the way we need some more women on these rides - come on ladies!


Evie said...

That sounds like fun!! I would love to ride with you guys again... It looks I probably will have some Saturdays and Sundays off. Maybe we could ride sometime soon again.

Cathy Jo said...

I hope you join us on TDK!

CDV said...

it was a nice ride and what a great day! Next time please remind me to use more sunscreen, I'm a little lobster like.

Melissa said...

I was thinking of you guys yesterday!! Glad you had a good ride. When is the Abelskiver (how do you spell that) ride? It seems like it's usually during Jazzfest, which means I will likely not be able to go again this year.

The wedding photography went well, I think. THough it'd have been nice to join you guys!