Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bike Friday on it's way!

My Bike Friday is on it's way and due to arrive tomorrow (Wednesday). It is being shipped UPS and according to the tracking report will arrive on schedule. I was so hoping it might get here early so I could take it out for a ride today. Oh, well. And tomorrow is a busy day since I volunteered to stay after work to meet with an undergrad group, and it's Ash Wednesday. So I'll probably be up late tomorrow night supervising Charlie as he assembles my bike for me! Pictures will be posted soon!!


gad2357 said...


Hooterville Mayor said...

I can share in your joy just a bit, I KNOW how hard it is to wait for a new bike!!!
Charlie, you looked great at the swap meet, darn glad to have met ya!

Tez said...

WooooHooo...Look out Wakonda!