Monday, February 2, 2009

January Exercise Summary

My January summary from my Sweat 365 tracker:

You exercised 12 times on 11 days, for 6.6 hours.
You cycled 9 times on 9 days, for 5.2 hours.
You ran 2 times on 2 days, for 0.9 hours.
You did strength training 1 times on 1 days, for 0.5 hours.

There is definitely room for improvement, I might have overdone the rest days!

PS - I found the results posted for the Frostbite 2 mile fun run this past Saturday - my time was 21:10 and I came in 57th place, side-by-side with my daughter. She was so sweet to run with her old Mom (she even carried my jacket for me the last quarter of a mile!).

1 comment:

Hooterville Mayor said...

Very commendable. I only run if there's a big dog chasing me.
I lift weights tho, the liquid kind of around 12 ounces or so. ;)