Sunday, February 15, 2009

Not much new.....

Not much cycling news to report on in my life.....the past week I went to spin class 4 times, with instructors; Kevin, Joe, and Holly. Two noon classes, one evening, and one 6:00am class. I also rode my trainer twice and did yoga once. I'm trying to rev up my metabolism, my body just wants to hibernate this time of year.
I am happy to see that the ShuttleGuy and the Maui Showers are both officially listed on the Argus Leader's Tour de Kota site, I have everything I need now to make it a great ride.
Otherwise, I'm still here, looking forward to the Bike Swap next Sunday in Sioux Falls as a chance to talk with some other cyclists. And after that, hopefully it will be only another couple of weeks before the Bike Friday arrives!

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Hooterville Mayor said...

I will be working the door until 11 at the bike swap, then I'll be at the FAB table. See you there!