Sunday, May 3, 2009

Training has officially started for Tour de Kota 2009

March mileage = 188
April mileage = 132
May = 115

Total miles for 2009 = 435

I'm off to a good start for May, I've ridden every day so far this month (okay, so it's only the 3rd of May).

Friday was a 21 mile total, 11 miles out from Vermillion on the Buff Road and turned around and came back. Rode with some potential new recruits for Team Road Kill for the MS Ride in August. For some this was their longest ride to date and from the smiles on their faces, I would say they are hooked.

Saturday I left Wakonda and rode to Highway 19 and then turned south and headed towards Vermillion until I met up with Craig, Joe, and Kwen, and then turned and rode with the group. We ate lunch at the Centerville Cafe and then Kwen headed back to Hub City and Craig, Joe, and I continued on to Viborg, Irene, and after the suffer fest of hills on the "county line" made it to Wakonda where the ride ended for me with 58 miles logged in. Craig and Joe had another 24 miles to get back home to Vermillion. Thanks guys for letting me draft the whole entire ride! I need to start riding with the group more to work on my speed.....I've gotten so SLOW! I think it has something to do with turning 50....or at least maybe I can blame it on that.

Today (Sunday) I took off without much of a plan....probably not a good idea as I meandered around and the ride was longer and hillier than what I intended. I ended up with 35 miles.

In between bike rides the weekend consisted of spending time with family, attending a surprise birthday party, church, and yard work. It's wonderful to be able to be out enjoying the great outdoors. Life is good!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you are really packing in the miles. You made me look up my totals, March 150, April 236, May 60.
I am still worried about all the hills on this years TdK, in fact, I just had Kevin at Harlans' put on a 11-32 cassette for me!!