Saturday, March 1, 2008

Stories of Tour deKota 2007

Went to the South Dakota Bicycle Summit today with Biking Brady, Craig of Ride Vermillion, and Jack. With a 3 hour drive stories are bound to be told.

It started with the story of day 5 of Tour deKota; the ride between Madison and Dell Rapids. By day 5 those of us from the Vermillion LaneHogs were ready to draw straws to see who had to ride with Biking Brady and endure his pace. Luckily it nevercame to that as Jim, the youngest member of our group at age 15, elected himself to ride with Kevin that day. Jim did an excellent job of keeping with Kevin and it sounds like Kevin really punished him on the hills. But obviously the ride took its toll on Jim as we were sitting around camp that afternoon enjoyng a cold beverage and we look over and Jim is dead to the world in a deep sleep sitting up in his lawn chair with his head rolled over to one side and the biggest string of drool you have ever seen escaping from a corner of his mouth.

If this wasn't funny enough, I see Craig snacking on a Cliff bar along with his Smirnoff Ice. Most people will have some pretzels or a some mixed nuts with their cocktail, but a true cyclist like Craig chooses a Cliff bar. The secret to his training has been revealed.

Maybe this is one of those times you just had to be there to see the humor in it.....and also I noted there seems to be a direct correlation with the number of miles covered with the humor we saw in these simple moments. TDK memories......priceless.


bikingbrady said...

I was WAS funny.

Smirnoff Ice and Cliff Bars...the recovery food of champions.

CDV said...

Not only the recover food of champions ...
the breakfast, dinner, snack and lunch.

The secrets of my powers have been revealed