Thursday, March 27, 2008

What do you read while on the trainer?

On our way to the Bicycle Summit meeting in Chamberlain a few weeks back, we were all talking about how miles and time put on the trainer this winter. Jack had an interesting method of measuring his training; he goes by the number of books read while on the trainer since he doesn’t have a computer on his bike while on the trainer.
Since we seem to be permanently stuck in winter and the bike is still on the trainer, I need to find more and more creative ways to entice myself to go to my basement and ride the bike. After having watched all of the 6th and final season of Northern Exposure on DVD (that gives me a ~45 minute workout), I decided to try Jack’s method and do some reading on the trainer.
I believe I had a good workout, racking up some base miles, while keeping my heart rate in a decent range. And since I was towards the end of the book and wanted to finish, I rode longer than I normally would (1 hour) and the time went fairly fast!
If you’re looking for a good book, I would recommend Water for Elephants, it was an excellent read!

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