Monday, April 21, 2008

Tickled Pink!

The weather was so beautiful on Saturday, it just made me giddy! To paraphrase Garrison Keillor from the News from Lake Wobegon on Prairie Home Companion: “A beautiful, beautiful day……people so happy, finally an end to our suffering, our long winter on the frozen tundra.”
My toes were tickled pink to be released from the long wool socks and back into sandals and back on the bike! Last week I even splurged and went for a pedicure to celebrate my new big toe nail. Afterall, it took about 5 months to grow a new one.
Evidently my cycling shoes shrunk after drying out from the rainy day on TDK last summer (Dell Rapids to Madison). Next time I wore the shoes, instead of the sandals I usually wear on summer rides, was on the century ride on the MS 150 in August. The shoes felt tight, like my right toe was bumping against the toe of the shoe, but they weren’t painful to wear. I avoided the problem for several months by ignoring the “loose” toe nail and keeping it plastered with lots of polish so I wouldn’t have to look at the purplish color. But eventually it just fell off. It looked weird, I’m happy that my new nail has finally grown back in and my big toe can be seen in public again!


Tez said...

They look sexy!

Melissa Sievers said...

We really are cold weather folk. We come from a hearty stock. And when all else fails... All you need to do is add a little more ketchup to your diet.

Cathy Jo said...

Ketchup - the cure all for everything according to the folks on Prairie Home Companion.