Saturday, June 13, 2009

TDK, Day 1, Sunday, June 7, 2009 – 73 miles

The start of TDK for me - my house! Harrisburg to Yankton was the official route for Day 1 but I rode to Beresford from Wakonda and then to Yankton.

I had made a quick trip to Harrisburg the afternoon before to pick up my registration packet and to drop off by bags with the Shuttle Guy. The first time I rode a full week of TDK (2006) I decided the ride would be a challenge enough for me without having to worry about setting up a tent, taking down the tent each day, so I went with the Shuttle Guy who provide the tent, a thick air mattress, hauls my bags, provides a camp chair, clean towel each day, coffee, and all the amenities. And since that first year I’ve never considered doing anything other than the Shuttle Guy!

The night before TDK we attended a wedding and the dance which followed in Wakonda….so I went in to TDK a little sleep deprived. I left my house at 6:10am, temp was 48 degrees with a light drizzle. About 10 minutes into the ride, I turned around and went back home for another layer of clothing and winter gloves. Back on the road at 6:35am.

I met up with Melissa on 306thSt. near the highway 19 intersection, and we rode into Beresford together. We were very wet and cold when we arrived at the Fire Station for our pancake breakfast where we met up with the other TDK riders. Thank goodness for the espresso they were also serving – it was a life saver!

At this point I have to mention, I rode 30 miles to Beresford and 26 of those miles were into a stiff northeast wind which caused to wish I would’ve woken Charlie up to have him drive me to the start of the ride so I could’ve had a tailwind for the entire ride!

After drying out for close to an hour we were back on the road and this time we had the wind to our back and it was dry – the remainder of the ride was beautiful!
On the way into Volin I chatted with Josef Linz riding TDK for the first time. I’m sure he would receive the prize for coming the furthest distance as he lives in Austria! He was mentioned in the Argus Leader in this article from June 12th. We had a nice visit, though I’ve never been to Austria, my grandmother immigrated from a small village, Tlumacov, in the Czech Republic, just 6 kilometers from Austria, which I have visited and only 45 minutes from where Josef lives.

Arriving in Volin there was a line to get into the Volin Cafe but the wait was well worth it. I had the chicken salad croissant and potato salad, yummy! Melissa and I continued together into Mission Hill where we had a chat with the friendly Mission Hill Hiller 4-H Club members and leaders, it is so nice of this group to set up a stop for TDK riders 4 out 5 years of TDK, especially since they give away homemade treats!
On to Yankton where Melissa met up with her family and where my daughter Emily picked me up. I showered at Emily’s and then we were going to go to the beer garden at the park but since it looked like rain we went to Ben’s instead where Charlie and John joined us for a Fat Tire beer. Charlie and I ate at Bonanza where we saw the Brady’s and DeVelder’s. Charlie dropped me off at camp where it was very wet and continuing to rain but my tent was nice and dry and very cozy.
Argus Leader stories from Day 1:

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