Monday, June 15, 2009

TDK, Day 4, Wednesday, June 10, 2009 – 78 miles

Gregory to Chamberlain

A very chilly, damp, cloudy morning once again! Breakfast was in the campground and after I ate I scavenged around for some plastic bags to wrap my feet in and line my shoes. I was bundled up as much as I am when I ride on a nice winter day, so when I passed “flip-flop girl” early in the ride it just made me shiver to see her with those bare feet! Here is the story in the Argus where Biking Brady and I were both quoted: Flip flop girl enjoys letting her feet breath.
It didn’t take long to warm up as we started climbing a series of hill right out of town on Highway 47. Then we turned east on to Highway 44 and a few miles down the road I encountered one of those road signs warning drivers of the 8 ½ % grade ahead – at least it was downhill! But when you go down a long pass you know it most likely will be followed by a climb. And so it was a series of long descents and long climbs through the Snake Creek Hills. The scenery was breath taking (as well as theclimbs!) and I pulled off a couple of times to take pictures but the pictures don’t do justice to this area.After 30 miles of climbing the road leveled out and the next 48 miles were cold and dreary as we rode into a light head wind. Also, we never went through a town where we could go in someplace and sit and get warm, other than one stop at the Academy Fire Station. I started to get a bit weary and down at this point but I saw Jatham Chicoine pulling a trailer with an American flag and POW flag – I decided at that point to suck it up and quit feeling sorry for myself. I also made a mental note to dedicate this day’s ride to my cousin serving in the Air Force Guard at an undisclosed location in the “sandbox.” I do know where my cousin is the temperatures are typically 110-120 degrees. I think those guys would love a cool, damp day back home these days. I rode along and chatted with Jatham for a few minutes and thanked him for his commitment and reminding me of all the privileges we take for granted.The rest stop at Puckwana was a welcomed respite, as well as the turn west into Chamberlain where we enjoyed a tailwind for the last leg of the day. It felt good to just hang around camp for the remainder of the afternoon and evening. Mary Jean had a game of travel Scrabble going which I was content to just watch as I was too tired to think! I bundled up in several layers of clothing plus hand/foot warmers in a pair of thick wool socks and went to bed and slept very well! Argus Leader stories:
Over the hills on quiet roads
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