Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yoga-Bike-Yoga = Peace, Health & Happiness

What a great start to the weekend! I met Mary Jean, Sandy, and Cindy in Sioux Falls on Friday afternoon and it was non-stop from that point on trying to squeeze in all of our planed activities.

After checking into our hotel we were off to the Dharma Room for a yoga class. We thoroughly enjoyed the class led by Kendra. The sun was shining and we walked around the downtown area a bit as we decided where to eat. I love downtown Sioux Falls in the summer with everyone spilling out onto the streets and the horse and carriage rides, it is fun to just sit and take it all in. We ended up at Minerva's and the salad bar made a perfect meal. After a quick change in the restroom, we departed Minerva's in our cycling attire as many diners were entering in much more formal attire!

We arrived a Fawick Park shortly before 8:00pm for the FAB Starlight Ride and met up with the other riders. My Power Raspberry was very happy to see another Bike Friday on the ride! I wish I would have gotten a picture of Gregg and me together with our Bike Friday's - hopefully the Mayor's picture turned out! The ride was very fun as you can see from the smile on our faces in the picture below. Thanks to the FAB group for being so welcoming to all of us wild and crazy women!

After the ride we joined several of the other riders at Monk's where us ladies enjoyed a wonderful glass of wine. Getting carried away and talking with my hands I managed to spill some of mine....a wine stain on my new TDK jersey, never thought I'd have to puzzle over how to remove a wine stain from a cycling jersey. I wonder if Martha Stewart has any tips on that?

It was time for us to get some sleep so we would be well rested for our Saturday morning yoga class back at the Dharma Room at 8:00am. The Saturday class was conducted by Melissa, one of the owners, and I think we all felt like a new person after leaving her class, ready to share our peace with the rest of the world!

After a trip to the Farmer's Market at Fall's Park we all parted ways.....but we vowed that we must plan to do this again!

FAB Stralight Park - Sioux Falls Bike Trail: Mary Jean, Cathy, Cindy

FAB at Falls Park

At the Dharma Room

Mary Jean & Sandy at the Farmer's Market

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