Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mountain Bike Ride

I fulfilled my wish to get a mountain bike ride in this year on Turkey Creek Road. The best part was I got to ride with my friend, the ultimate road biker and mountain biker extraordinaire, Little Cindy Lou! AND our ride was fully supported by my awesomely sweet husband!

Perfect weather (no wind, temp around 70 degrees) and the great company made for a great ride. The hills were challenging. My great-great grandparents homesteaded near this area, south of Maskell, and my grandmother always talked about the Nebraska hills. After today's ride I have a greater appreciation for those Nebraska hills!

Our SAG picked us up near Newcastle and we loaded the bikes and rode to Ponca where we met up with Biking Brady and Dan at the state park. A local photographer from Vermillion had made arrangements with Biking Brady to take some mountain biking shots for his portofolio. I was the only one who he had to take a photo of pushing my bike up the trail - I'm definitely not an off the road rider!

After the photo shoot, Little Cindy Lou gave me mountain biking lessons and rode the trail with me. I learned a lot and she gave me the confidence to give the trail a try - my skills are very lacking at this point - but it was fun! Thanks to Little Cindy Lou and my hubby for all of his patience hauling around and sagging for two women today!

For more pics go to this page.


Tez said...

Great pics and what a sexy SAG wagon driver you have!

bikingbrady said...

It was a great day. Sorry we didn't get to enjoy more of it with you and Cindy! Is Charlie getting the cycling bug yet?

Ham(m)er said...

You guys all look great. It was GORGEOUS yesterday!!

Life with Tony said...

Look like a nice place to ride. I All way like to get off the road every once in a while to see the woods