Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nothing New or Exciting Here

Last week my husband's brother and his wife stayed with us for 6 nights - they arrived with bad colds but I wasn't worried as my husband and I usually don't catch a cold very often. Well, the killer cold caught up with both of us this weekend so it was a pretty laid back weekend. We went to a funeral and church on Sunday - those were our outings - aren't we Mr. & Mrs. Excitement!

Today it was back to work. The med school hosted a huge interdisciplinary (now the newest terminology is interprofessional) event for all health affairs students - all 296 of them. It was chaos, but organized chaos. Some students rode bikes to the med school - good for them! A few didn't read the signs posted on every door about not chaining bikes to signs, handrails, posts, or basically anything other than the bike rack in the back - bad for them. We were tipped off by staff with windows facing the front of the building that Public Safety had came over during the afternoon and cut the bike locks off and confiscated the bikes. Some of the students missing bikes thought they had been stolen so they were relieved to know where they could find their bikes - but basically none of these students were happy campers. But this leaves me wondering, how many bikes has Public Safety confiscated that go unclaimed? Would some students not report missing their Huffy bike? And we would have never known ourselves if someone hadn't happened to have noticed.


CDV said...

The Mrs. mentioned the bike round-up by USD to me as well. Makes me wonder if more bike racks in better locations are needed. I guess USD hates to make their brand new MEDICAL building look shabby because people ride their bikes there. Me thinks their is a bit of irony in this situation somewhere.

Tez said...

I would wonder the same thing as to if there are not enough bike racks around. BUMMER about the ones cables were cut and bikes taken....

Hope you get over your cold soon. Zicam works wonders!

bikingbrady said...

I rode by when they were picking up a couple about 3:30. I don't know what to say. What would be ideal is if they added some towards the front when they put in the parking lot -- on the side as to not mess with their aesthetically pleasing front of the building *cough*. There are eight (I think, maybe more) bike racks out back. It's like they are embarrassed that soon-to-be medical professionals ride their bike...SAY IT ISN'T SO!

Cathy Jo said...

I think we were just unprepared for the number of students who aren't familiar with the med school or where the bike racks are located. It is kind of like when we had this event in the Dome the past two years and Public Safety came and put parking tickets on all the cars without parking permits (but at least they didn't tow them!). Gotta love Public Safety.

For the past two years during construction we haven't had any students other than our group of students in the buidling. All the undergrad courses had to be taught at other locations on campuse due to lack of classrooms. Our students tend to use the south doors where the bike racks are located since that is end the classrooms are located on and they don't live on campus and are less likely to enter from the north side.

That being said I think additional bike racks in the front of the building would be a good idea. I like Kevin's idea of putting them near the new parking lot being built - that would be the most pleasing to the eye.

But regardless we should be proud of the number of bikes parked around the medical school - that is making a statement! I'm going to bring this up at our Wellness Council meeting next week.

An aside note, we have a 2nd year student who has not owned a car for the past 2+ years since coming back from the Peace Corp - I think that is so cool! He's another Biking Brady riding his bike to campus every day no matter what the season or weather, and doing all of his errands by bike. Luckily we provide transportation to clinical sites!