Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pictures from Saturday's Ride

I met Biking Brady and Ed in Gayville and rode with them to Yankton where we had lunch at HyVee - great salad bar - we actually ate some healthy foods!

Biking Brady's front tire went flat while we were eating lunch - luckily he is a quick change artist!

Since we were in Yankton we had to take the opportunity to ride across the retired Meridean Bridge as well as the new Discovery Bridge. It is amazing how narrow the old bridge is - I don't see how semis and some farm equipment could fit.

We had to go around the road block to ride across the old bridge. Mike at the bike shop said that they don't want people on it as they are saying it is "unsafe." It was safe for vehicles up until a couple of weeks but evidently it is now unsafe for pedestrians and bikes.

I have to agree - I don't think the top deck was safe for riding - especially with the gusty west wind today. I'm a timmy (ask Ed or Biking Brady for the definition) and didn't try out the upper deck of the old bridge but the boys of course rode it to check out the view.


Tez said...

I do not like the new bridge....nuff said.

I will like the new bridge if they keep up the old one and actualy do change it to a bike / ped bridge for the Missouri river coridor!

bikingbrady said...

You may be a Timmy, but at least you're not a honyocker.

CDV said...

Sorry I missed it looks and sounds like you 3 had a great time

Hooterville Mayor said...

I didn't know the new bridge was open! The old one made me a timmy once in the car, when I wasn't going fast enough for the semi behind me...