Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bicycling Blogger Convention

This is the location (the famous Pit in Wakonda) of the Bicycling Blogger Convention to be held this Saturday. The following bloggers are expected to be in attendance: Tez, Biking Brady, CDV, Hammer, Ed+Pat, and myself.

Come and join us! We'll be arriving around 5:15pm for a little happy hour before we enjoy our 'gourmet food on paper plates.' Need not be a blogger to attend. A few biking stories are sure to be told.

In case you need further enticement, I called chef Torey and got the run down on the specials for this weekend:
  1. Sirloin steak with a Gorgonzola cream sauce, dirty jack mashed potatoes, seafood salad.

  2. Black beans and rice with shrimp and toast and salad.

  3. Steak sandwich with a horseradish/mustard sauce and choice of potato or salad.

See you there!


Ham(m)er said...

Hey, what's the payment scenario at the pit? Do they accept plastic representations of money? We can remember our check book otherwise. :-D

Tez said...

We will be there with friends in tow! CAN'T WAIT! I gues the payment thing would be good to know. We are so use to having to use debit cards instead of checks in Sx Falls!

Cathy Jo said...

Your plastic is no good in the Good Life town - you're steppping back in time. Bring a check blank or cash!

bikingbrady said...

Do we have the necessary reservations for this fine establishment? Has "the throne" been polished?

Ham(m)er said...

Cool. One time we dined at the Mayfield store at least ten minutes west of Irene. Nick had to drive back to Irene to get cash. Their bank didn't have an ATM. Fortunately the bar did.

Then one time we ate at Spink. We ended up not even having a check blank with us. We don't always plan the best. We didn't have to wash dishes, they are trusting souls. We mailed them a check the next day. I've been back since and they have good memories. So, if you try to hose them, don't plan on eating there again. :D

We're getting better at planning ahead. Nick will be with us. Unless something at the farm blows up and he has to fix it.

We've learned our lesson.

Hooterville Mayor said...

Sounds like fun, wish I could be there.
Maybe next time....