Monday, November 17, 2008

My personal trainer

Today I made the pledge to ramp up my exercise for the next 4 weeks. It's too early to train for Tour deKota or any other summer bike rides, so to keep up my motivation to workout I'm going to take my winter training one month at a time.

My personal trainer is Little Cindy Lou Who. She really isn't a personal trainer but she could be, she's a great motivator. I rolled out of bed this morning at 5:30am, drove to Vermillion and was on the track of the Dome at 6:15am. I was still asleep with my hair sticking out like the Grinch, with an attitude to match the Grinch's. Luckily Cindy takes it all in stride and proceeded to lead me through our workout. We walked to warm up, walked the steps of the Dome, ran a few laps, went to the weight room and did some lunges, followed by the elliptical. Morning exercise is the way to go for me....roll out of bed and get started before having time to make any excuses!

AND I also went to yoga at noon - I'm on a roll, at least for this first day of my 4-week program!


CDV said...

My personal trainer is Kate, every night I walk in the door from work she tells me to ride or lift and you know I can never say no to her.

bikingbrady said...

That sounds like GUT CHECK training to me!!

Dan Letsche said...

Great seeing you two in the dome. I'm on the same page with morning workouts - lot harder to make good excuses in the morning. Plus having someone there to motivate and keep you accountable always helps.

Congrats on the workout pledge. Best of luck sticking with it!

Ham(m)er said...

Ooof. I should join your club. It is so hard to get out of bed. It's warm there.