Sunday, November 2, 2008

November 2nd Ride

My mileage for this past week:

Wed., Oct. 29, 10 miles
Thur., Oct. 30, 32 miles
Sat., Nov. 1, 50 miles
Sun., Nov. 2, 25 miles

The great weather has allowed me to ride more than I normally would be this time of year. I can tell I'm out of biking shape, I didn't have much zip today. I should have taken advantage of the 70+ degree temps and went for a longer ride but my legs said 25 miles was enough!

My route today was along the Bluff Road to Volin and back to Wakonda via the County Line road, hitting all the hills I avoided on yesterday's ride!

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Hooterville Mayor said...

The weather has been just gorgeous hasn't it? The "Bellyton" has gotten in a couple of nice rides, Wednesday from Hooterville to Palisades State Park, Saturday was fat tire day, and yesterday we rode to Canton and back. It will be nice to look back upon when the snow starts flying. But then, ICE BIKIN"!!!! Yee ha!