Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Home and Healing

Charlie had rotator cuff repair surgery on Monday morning in Sioux Falls. It was all done through the arthroscope - just 4 small incisions. The surgeon said the tear was quite large but with the help of several and sutures, the tendon was repaired nicely. We even got to see pictures!

Charlie woke up right away with severe pain because unfortunately the nerve block didn't work - although his ear was very numb - the block didn't seem to do much of anything to the shoulder and arm. It took awhile then to get the pain under control but between the oral meds and the IV meds (which I 'kind of' demanded - in a nice way, of course) we finally got on top of it and Charlie was dismissed later in the afternoon.

Today he is looking more perky, but with his right arm and shoulder immobilized, I have him completely under my control!


CDV said...

He's in good hands, I hope he has a quick recovery. Let us know when he is ready for another trip to the "PIT". I think its time for a mid-winter cycling meeting.

bikingbrady said...

I agree with CDV. It's time for a "recovery" party at the P.I.T. Lounge.

Send my best wishes to Mr. Luh-Goo

Tez said...

Glad Charlie is doing better and will soon be throwing back a few weights 12 oz at a time!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to Charlie from Hooterville!