Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tour de Kota 2009

I was happy to receive an email this afternoon from the Argus Leader announcing registration is open for TDK 2009! I have to admit I was a little concerned that TDK might not happen this year. A friend of mine had contacted Tym Allison, the manager of the Shuttle Guy camping service, to ask if they would be supporting TDK this year and Tym said he had heard rumor TDK had been canceled! That made me a little nervous but now with the official email sent to former registrants I think it safe to say there will be a TDK 2009.

The route is from Harrisburg to Yankton to Wagner to Gregory to Chamberlain to Pierre to Gettysburg. I would imagine that this TDK route will have the more climbing than any of the previous routes. Let the hill training begin; that will be on the trainer and spin class for me until we get some temps in the 50's.

I hope lots of Lane Hogs plan to sign up for TDK so we can show off more of our awesome karoke talents!


Tez said...

That is a scary picture! haha..just kidding. Looks like you were all having fun!

I am kicking around doing the first day of TDK. Will have to see how things go!

Cathy Jo said...

Tez, you should definitely do the first day of TDK! The socializing in camp at the end of the day makes it totally worth it. I rode my hybrid the first day of TK 2005 and was hooked. The next year I got my road bike and rode the full week.

Tez said...

It would give me another reason to get out there and ride this summer.
Sounds FUN!

I have already signed up for MS150 so will do that again this year.

Ham(m)er said...

Where/when was that photo taken?? Mary JEan and Butch signed up already too.

Cathy Jo said...

This is an old photo from 2007 taken at Wheatie's Bar in Desmet. I bet we could find another bar with karoake somewhere along the TDK 2009 route.

Anonymous said...

I'm signed up, but hills huh?
Guess I better start climbing then!