Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Woman Cave

Welcome to my world! You've heard of the corner of the basement that the man of the house claims - well, I claim this corner of the basement for myself. Our basement has always been a scary part of our house. When our girls were young we even turned our basement into a "haunted house" and opened it up to all the kids in town. So I'm quite proud to have my 1921 basement look this good! It makes it a little easier (just a little) to go down to the dungeon for a workout.

Here is my Christmas present, an iPod speaker for my bike. It is so cool! It fits in my water bottle holder on my bike and has a little remote that mounts on the handle bars. If it looks familiar, it is because I am copying Tez. Ever since I saw this on her blog I've wanted one!


Hooterville Mayor said...

That is so "way awesome" that it blows my mind!
Hee, hee, really, it is very nicely appointed, and could quite possibly make spinning darn near enjoyable!

Rock On Garth-ette!!!

DIRK said...

After looking at that, I don't want to post a picture of the "man cave" in my house.
I'm just waiting for warm weather so I can move all my stuff back to the garage.

And, make sure you play some good music on the iPod thing.

Tez said...

I LOVE THE WOMAN CAVE! The speaker really rocks, well at least I think it does. Lots of fun outside riding with it. You get the benefit of music but can still hear traffic behind you!

Ham(m)er said...

I wanna see Charlie's corner now. :D Very nicely set up. Our basement is so oddly set up, and I think it's even been built post 1921.

I like seeing how people appropriate space. And your work out area is nice and home-y.