Saturday, January 31, 2009

I ran a race without intending to run a race!

Ashley asked if I would like to WALK the 2 mile route of the Frostbite Four Race in Beresford today (Saturday). Since the forecast was calling for above normal temps I thought, "why not."

I love to watch the serious runners...they all have a sleek runner's body and just seem so self disciplined. The music was blaring and there was a lot of energy as we registered at the gym. There was a record number of people registered with a total of 394. Most were running the 4 mile route and about 150 were running or walking the 2 mile route. They loaded us up on school buses and took us south out of town so we would have the wind to our backs.

Ashley and I started out running but then kept on running. I kept thinking I'll run to the next farm house and then walk, but then I thought I still had a little more in me, and kept on running. I am NOT a runner and had not trained at all for this event, so I was quite surprised that I was able to run the whole thing. For most people it would be no big deal, but for me it was. I have ran only one other race in my entire life and that was the Wakonda Centennial 1 mile Fun Run in 1985!

I wish I would have looked at our time as we crossed the finish line - but at the time I was just trying not to puke.

Regardless of how I did on time, I had a lot of fun. The puking feeling didn't last long!

After the winners were announced and door prizes given out there was a chili feed at the golf course club house/community center. I saw a few "bikers" there; Chad and Kwen. Hope I'll be seeing them both within the next couple of months on a bike ride. Days like today helps to make the winter go a bit faster!


Life with Tony said...

excellent job

Ham(m)er said...

Yay! Good for you! I thought about it, should've, then didn't.

Good job! You're hooked now, aye?