Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bike Friday Ride

After a short ride around town and an adjustment to my saddle height, I hit the open road for a 16 mile ride. It was sweet....the bike feels like it was made for me. Wait a minute, it was made for me! It's a very comfortable ride. It's a touring style bike so it's heavier and not a bike I'll use to try to keep up with the speedy Gonzales Lane Hogs - you know who I mean! But racing is not the purpose of this bike and so far I'm very impressed by my little bike and anxious to take it out again. I'm hoping to show it off on the St. Patrick's Day ride in Yankton on the 14th - hopefully we won't need studded tires for that ride the way the forecast sounds for next week!

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Anonymous said...

The Mayor has delared the 2009 Cycling Season officially open, so the darn weather had better start cooperating!!!