Sunday, March 29, 2009

A good weekend all around.....

I worked a little late Friday then picked up pizza for supper and headed home for a relaxing evening of doing absolutely nothing!

Saturday morning I started off the day with 30 minutes on the bike on the trainer and then some housework and laundry. After lunch I got in a little scrap booking and a short 5 mile bike ride around town. It was a little chilly for a longer ride for me. Charlie and I went out for an early supper at Mona Lisa's. We hadn't been there for awhile and I don't know why because it is so good! I had the balsamic steak linguini with gorgonzola cheese - the same thing I always have but I hate to try anything different as this is so good. We then went to a benefit concert put on by the 1st and 2nd year med students. The musical talent was very impressive! And the pair of MC's did great stand up comedy between the musical numbers.

When we got home we had a surprise - the "grand-dog" was here for a visit. Daughter and son-in-law were in town at some friends and they (and Maggie) spent the night with us.

Sunday morning we had a nice visit with the daughter and son-in-law. I took off for a bike ride in the afternoon while Charlie did some more detailing on his Torino and then he came to Yankton and ran a couple of errands and picked me up at the lake. I got in a 32 mile ride - and not many miles against the wind so it was most enjoyable! We then went for a walk behind the old hospital, monastery, along the bluff. Charlie had never seen the monastery cemetery back there and the path with the stations of the cross. We enjoyed the view of the river and the leisurely walk.

When I was riding my bike along this path earlier in the afternoon - just as I entered the courtyard behind the chapel and monastery the bells started ringing. It seemed just like a scene out of the Sound of Music!

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