Saturday, March 21, 2009

March Milestones

I have ridden my bike more this March than I ever have before. Beautiful weather, earlier switch to daylights savings time, and a new bike = more riding. I know this weather won't last forever so I've tried to take advantage of it! I'm finding new ways to sneak in short rides. For example, I store the Bike Friday in the trunk of my car, along with my cycling clothes and gear, and I'm ready to go for a quick ride over my lunch!

March stats so far:
  • 10 bike rides
  • 9 of these in the past week (3/14-3/21)
  • got a ride to work on Friday, rode the bike home (24 mile commute) with a nice south wind to my back for majority of the ride
  • 155 miles total so far for the month
  • Lots of vitamin D



bikingbrady said...

You are awesome! Keep it up!

Stephen Wilson said...

I thought you might enjoy my reference to the Sioux Falls bike trail.  Your biking and blogging: impressive!