Thursday, March 19, 2009

I broke the news today ....

To my LBS owner that is.......yes, with encouragement and support from Ride Vermillion I broke the news to my LBS owner that I purchased my first bike that didn't come from his shop. He took the news well but stared down the little power raspberry for a full minute without saying a word, but then went to work adjusting my front brake for me. Glad that is behind me!

Then it was off for a ride with the Bike Friday tucked in the pace line behind Ride Vermillion and Biking Brady who very kindly slowed the ride way down in order for me to keep up. I set them loose at Burbank and enjoyed the return trip to Vermillion with a tail wind. Was that wind really only 9 mph? It sure felt a bit stronger than that!

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Ham(m)er said...

I had to tell him that I acquired a Giant Mtn Bike from Spoke-n-Sport. He seemed okay with it. I am glad to shop their store though too. I can't remember what I was there to buy when I told him about it. Oh yeah, he seemed fine with selling me chain cleaner anyway.

I think that as long as we buy other stuff from him, he'll continue in business.