Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bike Friday Test Ride

It warmed up to a balmy 9 degrees and the roads started to clear enough in patches to take the new Bike Friday out for a test ride - a short test ride - as all my biking buddies know I'm a "timmy" when it comes to biking in cold weather!

Even though it was a short ride I am very impressed with my new bike. Amazingly with only 26" wheels it doesn't seem that different of a ride. With only one more week until daylights savings time, I'm hoping to start riding the Bike Friday on a regular basis soon.

I'm also very impressed with the fold and unfolding of the bike. Just two quick releases and we had it folded in less than 2 minutes and the same for unfolding. Charlie and I were a little nervous about the folded bike fitting in the trunk of the Mustang as the trunk opening is quite narrow but the bike folds quite compactly and it went in with room to spare. That called for a little happy dance in the garage. I'm quite sure we will not even have to fold the bike to get it in the trunk of the Torino!
It was a good with friends after church, brunch in Yankton where we saw Melissa and Nick. Charlie wanted to drive across the new Discovery Bridge so that was at good excuse to stop and get some Fat Tire beer while we were across the border in Nebraska. Then home and a very short bike ride. Life is good.


Anonymous said...

"only 26 inch wheels?"
I think you meant to type 16" wheels, right? It is a cute little bike, and them that ride them, love them to death. Congrats on your inaugural ride!!! 50 degrees on Wednesday, you gonna go for a 20 miler?

gad2357 said...

20-inch wheels. Bike Friday's Tikit, the really fast folder, has 16-inch wheels.

Cathy Jo said...

Yes - it was a typo, they are 20 inch wheels. I would love to get a longer ride in this week-sounds like a wonderful forecast!

bikingbrady said...

Sounds like a great time. Who can go wrong with Fat Tire!

Oh yeah...the bike thing looks cool too ;-)

Tez said...

I have been on that road before!

Glad you got to take her for a little spin. She looks cool!

That is always a good brunch at Minervas.