Sunday, September 14, 2008

Chain Cleaning and TLC for the Bike

A lazy Sunday afternoon but it felt good to be home after a busy week and all the Friday night and Saturday activities (Margarita Ride, Rib Fest and play in Yankton). Charlie spent the afternoon working on his ’71 Torino so I thought I would join him at this shop and give my bike some tender loving care which it was in desperate need of, especially after riding in the rain the day before.

I have been talking about getting a stand to put my bike on so I could clean the chain easier but then I started thinking about maybe hanging my bike from the hoist in Charlie’s shop. When I asked about this he had a better idea, we hung the bike with some rope from the “engine lift hook.” That was sweet! I could adjust the bike to the height most comfortable for me and really give it a good cleaning. Most time consuming is cleaning the chain. Charlie thinks I over do it but I have over 8,000 miles on my bike and still have the original chain so I must be doing something right.

A good afternoon – Charlie detailed his car and I detailed my bike and gave it the pampering such a fine bike deserves!


CDV said...

Just got done spending an hour cleaning my ride. It still has a flat tire, but at least its clean.

Tez said...

I have all sort of worm parts on my bike. I have not cleaned it yet and guess I will this week sometime.

Did you like the play? Pretty much a chick play but funny, we thought! Mrs Potter (pre-go lady) and the coat check lady were my favorites!

Did you make it to 7?

Cathy Jo said...

Yep, I had a bunch of worm and grasshopper parts on my bike - I took a picture but it was too disgusting for the blog! Liked the play...can hardly wait to see It's a Wonderful Life! And we made it to 7 - very nice, I want to go back! There was a cycling group from LeMars who had their pink bus parked nearby. I invited them to the Margarita Ride next year!

Hooterville Mayor said...

I cleaned up DooBee on saturday afternoon. No guts, I have fenders! I also have a chain 2.5 times longer than yours, so it takes a little extra TLC, but I don't mind.

Anonymous said...

Great recap of the wormy bikes from Saturday, but sorry, I couldn't just sit here and not yell advice out the "windows". There are no awards for longest running chain. Change the dang thing and your other, more expensive, parts will last longer.

Cathy Jo said...

Annonymous, thanks for the advice but I've been reassured by my bike mechanic, who I bought the bike from, that my chain is still good. I've recently had him check it and he reports no stretching. He may be conservative, but I trust his 30 years of experience.