Saturday, September 27, 2008

A hiily 47 miles ride: the Alcester, Hawarden, Akron loop

Thanks to Chad for hosting this great ride! The route was just the right amount of challenge, the company was great with 9 LaneHogs who showed up for the ride. The post-meal hospitality and food were wonderful. We even had the extra bonus of getting a lesson in chain cleaning by our host!

My stats for the ride:
Date: 09/27/2008
Time: 09:00 am
Total Time: 3:15:25.00
Average Heart rate: 150
Max Heart rate: 181
Calories: 1793
Distance: 47.29 miles
Average Speed: 14.52 mph
Max Speed: 33 mph

1 comment:

CDV said...

My max speed was 39.5, it was a great route with lots of pretty countryside.