Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Intramural Bike Race - University of South Dakota

This was my 3rd year riding in the USD Intramural Bike Race. It was a beautiful day; but it seemed like we were going somewhat against the wind both ways, especially coming back! I have done no time trials or speed work this year but I was hoping my time would be about the same as the previous years which was 46:13 in 2006 and 46:55 in 2007. This year my time was 48:05 on the 14 mile course and I was the last of our team to cross the finish line. Oh well, next year I hope to improve! I didn't think I had anything to prove as I thought I was the oldest person in the race - and then just pass the turn around point Barbara passed me! She is a little less than a year older than me and she was flying. She wasn't at the starting point at the begining of the race, I found out afterwards that she started the race 3 minutes late and she still managed to pass all the women to claim the individual women's championship! This year there were more women's team than just our team but we held on to our did help that the other women (who looked very young - probably freshmen) were on mountain bikes.

My stats:

Date: 09/17/2008
Time: 16:15:00
Total Time: 00:48:05.00
Average Heart rate: 176
Max Heart rate: 186
Calories: 554
Distance: 14 miles
Average Speed: 17.47 mph
Max Speed: 26.2 mph

I think I gave it all I had by the looks of my average heart rate of 176, considering by age my maximum heart rate is 171 (you do the math!).

Our team was called "Warfarin" - by the name, you can probably guess this is a medical student team. We had two medical students, myself, and Cindy who we recruited from the nursing school! Warfarin managed to take both the women's and men's team championships as Biking Brady and the LaneHogs did not show up to defend their title - we missed you guys!


Hooterville Mayor said...

What a great job you and your team did! I have never ever participated in any kind of race, and probably won't either. It's not that I'm not competative, it's just that I'm SLOW! Getting faster, yup, but it's kind of getting towards the end of the season, so I can look forward to starting over next year. (excluding the trainer time, and rides in the snow with my hybrid of course)

Tez said...

Good job on the team win! Sounds like you had fun.

bikingbrady said...

I'll be back...preferably without a fractured arm and sinus issues. It was VERY strange not to be there though.

WTG anyway! That totally rocks! Go claim that famed Intramural Champion T-Shirt!

Ham(m)er said...

Good job!! I think that 17+ mph, with wind is pretty darn good! :D You wouldn't of had me chomping at your wheel either if it would've been a Lanehog TT.

You're getting speedy lady!