Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Bike Ride - Sep. 7th

I finally got out for a bike ride. It was overcast and cool with wind out of the northwest. My route was the familiar Irene, Viborg, Centerville loop for a total of 42 miles. I thought about trying out some different roads north of Irene, over towards the Marindahl Lake area, but I like the familiarity of my loop; no dogs to worry about and I like to stop at the convenience store in Centerville (on days the bakery isn't open!)for a snack.

I'd ike to mention a couple of cycling accessories that I absolutely love; my Smart Wool socks and my Tiofsi polarized sunglasses. The socks keep your feet dry and warm unlike any other socks I have ever owned. Since my mother had macular degeneration I thought it was important to invest in good sunglasses and I'm really happy with the polarized lenses. They're great in bright sun light but they're also great in low light conditions like today - they just seem to brighten everything up and give more definition.


Hooterville Mayor said...

There is something to be said for farmiliarity. Cars are used to seeing us on "their" roads on the routes we ride most often. Farmers always wave, and the cows still think you are a thing of amazement!

Tez said...

I agree on riding familiar roads also. It is the comfort level of course! Looks like a lot of the shops have their cool winter items out on display! Might have to purchase some soon!

Hooterville Mayor said...

Cool weather clothes?!!!
I always love the first ride in virgin snow. I also love the last ride in winter weary snow! I am ready for this season, having spent some amount of money last year. My studded snow tires are ready for mounting!!!

Cathy Jo said...

This is a G-rated blog, no four letter words, like SNOW, allowed!