Monday, May 25, 2009

Couple Riding Cross Country on a Recumbent Tandem

It has been a busy weekend and I was anxious to get some riding in. I left home at 11:00 am hoping to get in 60-70 miles but didn't really have a particular route in mind. Since the wind was from the southeast and blowing pretty good at 17 mph with gusts up to 22 mph I headed for Vermillion via the Bluff Road which gives some protection from the wind. After a break at a convenience store I decided to ride to the Vermillion-Newcastle Bridge before heading back home. I rode across the bridge just so when Charlie asked where I rode to I could tell him "Nebraska." It always seems to sound more impressive when you say you road to another state!

On the way back I met CDV. Since CDV was out for an "easy paced" ride, I rode along in hopes I could keep up. We went back to the bridge and turned back to Vermillion when Kevin called Craig and said Kathy R. rode up from Sioux City with a couple do a cross country ride on a recumbent tangent and they were now at Kevin's planning to ride to Yankton where they would spend the night. So we rode to Kevin's where we had a nice visit with Dave and Heather. I live vicariously through the adventures of other cyclists who have done cross country rides by reading their journals on; one of my favorite web sites! This was my first opportunity to talk with someone doing a cross country tour in the midst of their tour. After discussing the best way to get to Yankton due to road construction, we all headed out of Vermillion on the Bluff Road; Dave and Heather, Kathy, Kevin, CDV, and myself. CDV had things to do and turned around and went home and I rode with the group for a total of about 15 miles before I turned off and headed home to Wakonda.

What started off as a solo ride turned out to be a very fun group ride. Dave and Heather may have been complete strangers but it is amazing how when you meet others who share a passion for biking they don't feel like strangers at all!

I'll definitely be watching Heather and Dave's adventure on their blog: BikingBeans! Stay tuned for pictures from Kathy and undoubtedly more stories from Kevin!

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