Tuesday, May 19, 2009

From cold to steamy hot in 48 hours....must be South Dakota

Tour de Kota is less than 3 weeks ago and I need to step up my training.....seriously, this is it! The problem is a full time job and weather that doesn't cooperate with my schedule.

For instance, last Saturday I had the morning and early afternoon open and was hoping to get in a long ride. First of all Saturday morning started off unseasonably cold and then the wind blew 100 mph, or what seemed like a 100 mph. However, it was a great morning for sitting in the coffee shop with a group of girl friends to brainstorm some ideas on how to get more women involed in our biking group - the Lady Lane Hogs! We did eventually bundle up and head out for a ride but 10 miles was our limit due to time constraints and WIND!

Next bike ride was Monday. I had about an hour and half between work and meetings to sneak in a ride so I opted to make the most of my time and challenge myself on "Frog Creek Hill." It should be called "Feels Like My Heart is about to Explode Hill."

So on Saturday's ride it was about 48 degrees - I wore thermo-fleece lined tights over my cycling shorts, a base layer of smartwool on top under my jersey, a jacket, thick smart wool socks and cycling shoes, and a headband to cover my ears. I was NOT overly warm.....at all.

On Monday's ride it was 90 degrees - I wore cycling short, sleeveless jersey, cycling sandals. And when I got to that really steep part of Frog Creek Hill where there is no breeze no matter how hard the wind is blowing, I thought I was going to have heat stroke.

Determined to get some riding time in, I rode my bike to work today. The radio reported the winds to be 5 mph from the south......I can tell you if the radio announcer had been on a bike, he would've realized that was no 5 mph wind! I got a ride home with a neighbor - seemed to me to be too windy to ride even with the wind to my back!

Typical South Dakota weather, I should be use to it. And it will be a good reminder to be prepared and bring clothing for both hot and cold (and rainy) weather on TDK....and to train for some wind!


funkyjunkie said...

you're riding in south dakota ... how can you NOT train for the wind?!? :)

Hooterville Mayor said...

funkyjunkie! Made me laugh out loud, because it is so true!!!

Cathy Jo said...

So true, in this state we train in wind every day!