Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bike Touring Diaries

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I love to read the diaries of folks doing cross country tours by bike. CrazyGuyonaBicycle is one of my favorite sites. I was chatting with CDV while on a ride about this addiction of mine and he told me that our fellow MS Bike Ride team member, Travis, is currently doing a tour in the southwest and is posting on CrazyGuyonaBicycle. I was so excited to read the diary of someone I actually know! And then later the same day, we met and road with the Biking Beans, a couple who are traveling cross country that were passing through the area. They also have a website of their adventures!

In general I like to read the travel diaries of anyone touring the US, but especially those who are passing through South Dakota. Here are some of the diaries I'm currently following:

Travis' American Southwest Tour - Travis whose whole family rides the MS Ride with Team Road Kill each year

Biker Beans - The couple on a recumbent tandem who came through Vermillion last week on their way to the west coast.

Real Geeks Ride - Don't know these people personally, not traveling through SD, just very entertaining reading!

My First Tour of the US - Another guy who passed through our area of the state recently.

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Ham(m)er said...

Do you want to borrow my copy of Bicycling Beyond the Divide by Daryl Farmer? It's a really good book about his tour of the western US as 20 year old and again as a 40 year old.

Blogs are a nice way to read stories that don't need to be published. I should check them out.