Thursday, May 21, 2009

Look for story on favorite bike trails/routes

in an upcoming issue of the South Dakota Magazine. I was contacted by a writer for the magazine regarding my favorite trail to ride in the state. I explained that I do very little mountain biking. Mainly my biking is done on a road bike on local roads near Wakonda so I was surprised he still wanted a brief interview to talk about my favorite route. Several others, including Biking Brady, were interviewed as well.

We've been subscribing to the South Dakota Magazine for the last several years and its one of the few magazines I read from cover to cover. I loved the article earlier this year on the 1804 Highway (Native American Scenic ByWay) between Pierre and Lower Brule. This is a route I rode solo in 2007 with Charlie providing SAG support. I thought about choosing this route for the article - but went with a route closer to home and more familiar to me.

You'll have to wait until it comes out in print to find out my favorite route but I will give you a hint, its my favorite in part because of the food - no surprise there!

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