Sunday, May 31, 2009

A little less than 150 miles in last 4 days.....

Thursday evening - 40 miles - Wakonda to Bluff Road east until I met up with Cindy and Evie, rode with them to Meckling and turned around and headed back to Wakonda. A beautiful evening, the winds were actually calm! A rarity here in South Dakota!

Friday afternoon - 23 miles - Wakonda to county line road to Volin to Bluff Road up "Turkey Hill" and back home. Another gorgeous day for a ride.

Saturday - 67 miles - Bunyan's (Vermillion, SD) to Bob's (Martinsberg, NE) Ride. Going to Bob's was way too easy! Going back to Vermillion against the northwest wind was more of a challenge but it helped to have great company; Marilyn and Colleen.

Sunday morning - 16 miles - Four miles east of Wakonda, 4 smiles south, 4 miles west, 4 miles north. A short ride before church.

Not sure I'm ready for Tour de Kota, but ready or not it starts next Sunday!


CDV said...

That's about the same amount I've put in the last 4 days...ready or not the TDK is right around the corner. After my morning ride I spent the day preparing gear and gathering supplies for next week.

Tez said...

You will be fine, I am sure of it! Now pray for light winds! What happened to the 2 Rivers ride?

peddlinshutterbug said...

I had such a great time! I will keep you posted on the birthday century ride and the Mickelson Trail ride in September. You should go!