Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Commuting by Bike

The last two days I've commuted to work by bike. Monday was just too nice of a day to pass up riding to work and today was a bit breezy but the south wind was a great benefit for the ride home. Mileage one way is 24.45 miles from my door to the bike rack at work.

When the final phase of construction is finished on our buidling, we will have locker rooms with showers, which will be really nice for commuting. Right now, I make due with cleaning up at the sink in restroom. I'm sure those who work with me, will appreciate it when I can actually take a shower after rding my bike in to work!

I have 140 miles in so far for this week and hope to get some more riding in but first I need to get some things checked out on the bike. Hopefully it won't have to stay in the shop long!

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