Saturday, July 19, 2008

RAGBRAI – Here I Come!

Yipppeeee! In a few short hours my husband will drive my daughter and I to Missouri Valley for the start of RAGBRAI . I can’t believe I’m doing this, and a few times I have paused to ask myself, “why am I doing this?” Then I remember all those reasons why I signed up last January. Here is my top 5:

5. Its only one day more than Tour deKota. I’ve done the full week of TDK twice, so I believe I can make it through RAGBRAI although it will be more challenging as it is a hillier route than the TDK’s I’ve ridden.

4. Good time of the year for me to get away from work as it is the last week before the students start orientation and classes.

3. I didn’t ride the whole week of TDK – so I had to find another week long ride and this was close! Actually I haven’t heard anyone say TDK was FUN this year so I’m glad I had a reason (like my daughter’s wedding!) to not stick it out the full week.

2. Spending a week with my oldest daughter on a bike, what could be better! Well, maybe only one thing better would have been the youngest daughter, husband, and son-in-law sagging for us!

1. When people find out you ride bike, they always ask “have you been on RAGBRAI?” When you reply “no,” that usually ends the biking conversation because RAGBRAI is the only bike ride that non-biking people relate to! Also, it just feels like I need to do RAGBRAI to validate that I am a true biker or maybe it’s more like someone who like to combine a party with a bike ride! I’m sure that is the same reason Lance started riding in RAGBRAI!

Seriously, I have to remember that there are still people who haven’t heard of RAGBRAI – which seems unbelievable to me! But just this last week I was talking with a friend about planning a baby shower. I had told her before that I was going on RAGBRAI and wasn’t sure I would be at the shower depending on the date. When the date was picked and she called back I told her I would be on RAGBRAI and her reply was “Is that like an ALL day bike ride?” Like ALL day was an awfully long time to be gone riding bike!

Well, here we go. I’m signing off for the week. Prayers for safety and tail winds for Ashley and I are most welcomed!


Ham(m)er said...

Ok, I'll say it. The Tour de Kota was fun. Though it could've been MORE fun, I would imagine.

Ride safely this week!! I have a couple of other friends riding this week too. At least I think that they're doing the whole week.

Looking forward to the ride report!!!

CDV said...

I will say it one more time, I expect pictures/video of the naked beer slide event.

Have a great time and ride safe!