Friday, July 4, 2008

My Independence Day Ride

A beautiful day for a ride! As I recall, the temps are much cooler today than they were a year ago on July 4th. Last year some of us Lane Hogs did a loop from Vermillion to the Spink/Nora area and Elk Point. Then we regrouped after some lunch back in Vermillion and some of us rode the Vermillion-Meckling-Bluff Road loop. It was very hot when we finished. I got in my airconditioned car and drove home which helped to revive me a bit and then went and found the 12 easiest miles I could to total 100 miles for the day.

Today I was riding solo and came no where close to a century ride, but got in 65 very enjoyable miles.

I left Wakonda around 7:30am and rode the Centerville-Viborg-Irene-Wakonda loop (42 miles). I've been riding this route a lot this year and one of the reasons I like it so well is that you have the option to stop every 10-14 miles! And I took advantage of each stop this morning. On my way to Centerville I started thinking about those yummy apple fritters a group of us had at the Bakery last time we did this ride. I had to stop for one of those. I planned to skip the stop in Viborg but I think the sugary pastry had me craving some protein and they have the best cashews at the convnience store in Viborg - the kind in a little paper sack kept all nice and warm. So I had to make a stop for the cashews. On to Irene and I thought I better stop and have a Coke to help me climb the hills south of Irene. I was taking no chances on bonking!

I stopped at home and my hubby was in, we chatted while I had a sandwhich, and then I was off to complete my ride with a 23 mile loop along the Bluff Road. I managed to ride the last 23 miles without stopping and eating along the way! It's not surprising that I gain weight ding biking season!

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Hooterville Mayor said...

Eating too much (or not biking enough) happens to all of us! My body just doesn't realize after a big ride that I am done riding, so it insists on chocolate and pastry and well, just alot of yummy stuff that I shouldn't be eating.
That is why I'm an old fat Mayor I guess! :)