Sunday, July 20, 2008


Off to an early start at 5:45 am, beating the warm temps we reached Harlan at 10:50 am - then another half hour tootling around town to our camp site. So far, so good, loving RAGBRAI!! I was worried most about the masses of people but that really has not been far, we haven't had lines for anything! Today was like riding the county line south of Irene for about 60 miles - rolling hills, so it wasn't bad.

The Shuttle Guy is taking really good care of us once again. Today camp is in the back yard of a host family, right across from the aquatic center and just a few blocks from Harlan downtown where all the action is. This year a new addition to the Shuttle Guy, they brought in coolers of iced beer - they're not sure how they are going to charge - probably free will donation!

I thought RAGBRAI would be so many people we wouldn't see anyone we knew but last night in Missouri Valley we saw the Biking Vikings, Donna and Kyle's group two different times! Today I saw Jack and Pam from Sioux Falls. And Tim from Sioux

Tomorrow is the most challenging day of the week - 82 miles and LOTS of climbing. Thanks for the weel wishes and prayers - keepp them coming our way!


Ham(m)er said...

Yay Cathy!! Nick and I did the Meckling loop today. It was HOT!! I was thinking of you guys!!

If you see Al Joens on his tandem with Melissa Lanzourakis... I don't know if you watch KTIV or not. They may look different in lycra than they do on TV. Anyway, tell them Hello!!

Living vicariously through you two!

Tez said...

We drove by the shuttleguy site in Missouri Valley and I forgot you were ridding. If I would have remembered I would have tried to find you! GOOD LUCK on your ride!