Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekend in Lanesboro, Minnesota

There is no such thing as a coincidence; a couple of synchronistic events lead to a great weekend! Allow me to explain. Charlie and I were planning to go away for the weekend but didn’t have any definite plans. I wanted to include some bike riding and was looking on-line at some of the bike trails in southern Minnesota. Synchronistic event number 1: after emailing Mary Jean late Wednesday evening to ask how she liked the Midwest Scenic Bike Tour, she replied first thing Thursday morning and had wonderful things to say about the ride. She mentioned that Lanesboro, Minnesota was her favorite stay over town. We now had a destination for our trip! A quaint, small town with wonderful bike trails along the Root River.
Synchronistic event number 2 involved finding a B&B with a room opening. Just as I was beginning to think that every room was booked I found a room at the Coffee Street Inn. The owner said someone had just cancelled for the weekend and a room opened up for two nights! Chatting with some of the other B&B guests confirmed that all the rooms in town are usually all booked on weekends by April.
Some highlights of the weekend:
Beautiful scenery; rolling hills along the Root River valley.
The Amish colony of Harmony. We didn’t tour the colony but saw several of the buggies traveling the roads near Harmony and saw their beautiful quilts and baskets for sale at the Farmer’s Market on Lanesboro.
Riding the Root River Bike Trail. My favorite was riding the side-by-side recumbent with Charlie!
Riding the bike trail to Whalen for rhubarb pie!


gad2357 said...

Pie at the Overland Inn (if it is still called that) in Whalan, I'm envious. My parents live in Lewiston, MN, 20-ish miles north of Lanesboro. I am going to have to make a trip to the Root River trail, and Whalan, when I visit my parents in a couple weeks.

bikingbrady said...

Is there a tandem in the future? I got Laura hooked, it's only fair you get Charlie out more regularly.

Ham(m)er said...

Nick's family went up there once, I think. They all spoke fondly of the area and enjoyed tooling along the trail. I hope to go up there sometime.

How long is the drive?