Thursday, July 10, 2008

MaMa Mia - the Movie Comes Out Next Week!

We saw the musical MaMa Mia this past winter in Las Vegas and I absolutely loved it! What a fun, feel good play, set to the great music of ABBA. I can hardly wait to see the movie with Meryl Streep and Pierce Bronson which comes out on July 18th. But with RAGBRAI starting that same weekend and the MS Ride the week after RAGBRAI, I probably won't get a chance to see the movie right away....but it will be something to look forward to!
In the meantime I'm overdosing on ABBA music. Besides repeatedly playing my ABBA's Greatest Hits CD, I've been listening to all ABBA music on Sirius Radio Channel 3, which started on Monday of this week and is playing for a limited time.


bikingbrady said...

Charlie, keep Cathy out of the heat for a couple weeks. I think she's got a case of heat stroke. We'll continue to pray for a full recovery from this "Abba" disease.

Ham(m)er said...

Ha! I love ABBA too!!! :D I've liked them since I was little and enjoyed listening to my mom's 8 track. I've got the boxed collection of ABBA's greatest hits. And, I've got the DVD of their music videos, but they all look the same.

I haven't seen the stage version, but really want to see the movie. To which the hubby says, (as he does for everything that he's less than enthusiastic for) "Yeah, you and your mom should go and see that."

What's your favorite ABBA song? You can't go wrong with Dancing Queen or Take a Chance on Me. But, I think that I also like Bang a Boomerang too. Oh, and the Love isn't easy song.

How can a person not be giddy when they listen to ABBA?

Hooterville Mayor said...

You forgot Waterloo.
Yup, I like Abba too.
Not love mind you, just like.
Oh no, now bikingbrady will think it's contagious!!!

bikingbrady said...

I admit they are catchy tunes. The ones that stick in your head. For days. weeks. months. Maybe that's why they drive me nuts!

Ham(m)er said...

Have you seen Murielle's Wedding?

They do a karoke routine to Waterloo.

"But now my life is as good as an ABBA song." :D - Murielle's Wedding

Tez said...

I saw the musical in Vegas also and it is so fun. Almost like a concert at the end with everyone dance and sing!