Sunday, July 6, 2008

Long Weekend Coming to a Close

It was a great weekend, that again went by all too quickly. Here is a quick recap.

The long weekend started on Thursday evening with the annual July 3rd party some of our friends have. Lots of yummy food (ribs from Famous Dave's and chicken from Uncle Ed's), some yard games, and sitting by a bonfire. And the evening was so cool that the fire felt good!

Friday (July 4th) I rode bike while my husband polished his model A. In the afternoon, our youngest daughter was home to chat awhile and to take advantage of washing her car in her Dad's shop.

Friday evening we headed to Centerville. Lots going on there this weekend with their 125th celebration. We went for the Poker Alice Concert and tribute to Gary Knutson, a former member of the band who died of Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Gary and my husband were cousins, here is an article that was in the Argus Leader. It was really cool to see Gary's son playing his Dad's guitar with his Dad's band.

Saturday morning we were back in Centerville for the parade. My husband drove his model A pickup. Nice parade and it looked like it was very well attended. I must confess, I went back to the bakery since we were in town. There was a long line out into the street and they looked like they were going to sell every single pastry they had on hand. They were out of apple fritters, so we had donuts - but it's all good!

In the afternoon my husband and I worked on our perennial flower bed behind the house, did some tilling and then headed on a hunt for some nice rocks to add to the flower bed perimeter. We raided the rock piles of several relatives and friends. Several people have since offered us to come out to their fields this fall and pick as much rock as we would like! Been there, done that, that's why I'm NOT married to a farmer!

After cleaning up, we set up our lawn chairs, listened to some ABBA music, and had a glass of wine in our back yard, enjoying the view of our weed free flower patch. A very relaxing evening.

This morning we woke up early as we tend to always do. I went for a quick bike ride to Irene and back (16 miles). We were both tempted to skip church knowing our minister was on vacation and we had a fill-in lay minister. But decided we should go and we were really glad we did, it was a great service and the minister had a very meaningful message. We went out for lunch and are back home contemplating going out to dig up some wild roses to plant in our flower bed but it looks like it is going to rain any moment, a good excuse to take a nap!


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Be nice to us lay speakers and show up!

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Church of the Bicycle!

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