Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Early Birthday Party

Well we're on the big countdown until the oldest daughter's wedding....less than 3 weeks away. So with my mind preoccupied on that big event, I for sure wanted to make sure we didn't forget the youngest daughter's birthday. I saw the movie "Sixteen Candles" on TV one night, the one where Molly Ringwald turns 16 but her family doesn't remember her birthday because her sister is getting married. So to make sure we didn't forget, we had a birthday party for the youngest daughter Monday evening, just a short 6 months since her last birthday party.

Are you confused? Well it's a long story, but the youngest has always felt her birthdays have not gotten the attention they deserve because of her birthday usually falling around Memorial Day weekend and high school graduation. She can tell a really good story of how she has been neglected. To add to her sad story, she can spin quite a tale of various mishaps, near death experiences, and other hardships that have occured on her birthday, including driving through an area where a tornado touched down and eating oatmeal cooked in a frying pan for her birthday meal while doing an internship at Pine Ridge.

So to ease my maternal guilt, we put on quite the "half" birthday party last November. The boyfriend came who had not spent much time around us at that time and he was quite shocked, saying he didn't know the whole town would be at the party!

Well this party was more low key, but recognized and celebrated with a special meal and a Tinkerbell cake for my grown up "Tink."
PS - There are no other similarities between the movie 16 Candles and the oldest daughter's wedding; i.e. we love the guy she's marrying and they are both bright, intelligent people, NOT like the couple in the movie!

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