Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday - A Perfect Day for a Ride

It was a nice laid back Sunday. Youngest daughter came home and joined us for church. I enjoyed having coffee afterwards with a few friends. After lunch I suggested to my daughter that we ride the mountain bikes out to see the new landscaping and flower garden my friend had put in. An easy ride, just 3 miles out of town. This is the daughter that doesn't ride bick so she was a little reluctant at first, but I think she found out that biking can be fun and relaxing. We had a great visit on the way out and back. And the flower garden was awesome - I need to get busy and finish up some spring planting myself!

Around 3pm I headed out for a ride, can't resist on a day like today, the weather doesn't get any better than this! I rode the Aebelskiver Ride route in reverse order: Irene, Viborg, Centerville, and back to Wakonda. A nice 42 mile loop. I was back on some of the roads I rode yesterday with the Biking Vikings (about 10 miles). Centerville had graduation today and there were some parties going on. I was thinking of all the yummy food I had last night at I-W's graduation parties. Would've like to have "crashed" a reception in Centerville, I was hungry by that time and hadn't yet gotten off the bike since I started, but crashing a party in spandex makes one a little to obvious :). Back home at 6:05pm.

Tonight oldest daughter and fiancee came by to return the pick up they borrowed. Four weeks from today we'll all be recuperating from the wedding! And a lot of my cycling buddies will be recuperating from Tour deKota! This summer is sure to go by fast.


melissa said...

That was you that passed me on hwy 19 right? What route do you usually ride to work?

Cathy Jo said...

Yep, that was me! You were looking good out there fighting the north wind! I either take highway 19 or the Bluff Road.